Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Standards and Requirements

So this morning on the drive in I was listening to Steve Harvey. My sister and I usually call each other in the AM after listening to the Strawberry Letter. Now I’m NOT going to go into the letter (if you want to read it go on but I want to talk a little bit about how Steve responded to the letter. In a nutshell he told the woman that she needed to have “Standards and Requirements” . Now he was speaking from a marriage standpoint but I want to talk about a professional standpoint.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day (HEY DA J , great catching up with you Hun) and we talked through a “situation” so to speak he was facing. Sometimes it’s best to get the “objective” advice from someone you respect and trust because if they are your friend they WILL give it to you straight- I love my sisters for this and of course CW who ALWAYS gives it to me straight!!.. But the bottom line is that with EVERY situation, ESPECIALLY a career- I say career because we should all be thinking along those lines now ( I know I am as I approach 30, oh excuse me 25!), we should have “standards and requirements”. You may be thinking – I have those, I have standards- as we all do and we all should but the key is NOT to lower them under any circumstances for anyone. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes our bar is raised WAY high- but shouldn’t it be? What I have realized about myself is as I navigate this world my levels of standards are always elevating and my requirements move parallel. Remember, someone will always offer you the minimum; it’s your job to always raise the bar on that minimum and bring it up to YOUR level of standards. And if you think about this topic it applies across the board in all categories of life

Love Ya Shay

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