Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Ties That Bind....

Well Hello WOW'ers.. How has everyone been? If you have been as busy as I have then that's a great thing.. Well so much to tell so little time ( I know your attention spans deminish after paragraph 2 so I'll get right to it..LOL)

So today was a GREAT day in Shaneiree World.. I had lunch with some great friends and had an opportunity to visit my previous employer.. Ok, so I know that sounds weird BUT let me explain..LOL.. After lunch I decided to go say a quick Hello to the individuals that made my place a great place to work while I was there- boy oh boy was it rewading to play catch up with everyone ( even you AW, you better be reading this..LOL).. The bottom line is the day turned into the biggest treat for me spiritually and professionally as many of these individuals were there are the beginning of WOW and The Dames Group LLC (shameless plug ) .. In any event what I realized today was how important it was to remain connected with individuals- especially the suppportive ones :-).

Often time we make impressions upon individuals that we never realize matter and what I learned today was that the ties of developing great friendships are certainly binding. I want each of you to think of someone whom you have not connected with in a while and reach out to that tie and begin to rebind it.. In these times it's certainly important to connect to reconnect..

Peace and Light


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Women In Business- A Panel Discussion

I'd Love to See You At This Event.. Please contact me for details...

The Importance of Finding Yourself...

Hello WOW Family-

How are things? It has been a little bit but trust me, it has been for great reasons! How is everyone? What's new? What's old? What's happening? We all know how much I love updates right?? :-)

So, one day I called my mentor and my sister (Thanks TDM and LKD) because I started to feel the anxieties of being over worked and very tired and truly having no balance. Have you ever felt like when you laid down at the end of the night your mind couldn't get silent? For a few weeks I have been working and running non-stop with The Dames Group LLC, events, personal family issues and conferences. I neglected the most important person in the equation- ME..That Saturday afternoon I could no longer hold up and before I exploded I made sure to seek guidance (something I truly suggest if my situation mirrors your situation)..

Now, what's the solution to this? Well, for me I took time away to truly find myself. Not only was it necessary for me, but certainly necessary for the productivity of my company- The Dames Group LLC (shameless plug all jokes aside.. how many times have you felt at whits end and felt there was no solution in site? OR, felt like you needed to make life changing decisions but couldn't quiet your mind to think about them. Honestly, it is so important to balance your life and work before you get to a point beyond control. Always take necessary time to reflect on your future aspirations and place things in perspective. It certainly isn't always easy- but anything too easy isn't worth all of the hassle. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither could your life's works be... Remember, in order to find yourself.. you must play hide and seek........ALONE...

Live, Love, Life


Thursday, January 28, 2010

The First 30..

Well Hello Hello Hello WOW Family!

How is everyone doing? I know I know it seems like a long while BUT trust me it has been with good reason and now I can get back on track with getting my WOW's to you all..

So, remember I never make New Year's Resolutions because often time they seem to be those things we never accomplish -so I make personal goals and tackle attaining them. Well, in the first 28 days of the year I have accomplished a great deal of my goals list. The Dames Group LLC logo has been created and my momentum has certainly not stopped with my personal and professional goals. I am at a point in my life personally and professionally where I can say I am truly truly happy- Oh yeah, and I lost 14 pounds from all the running that I've been doing for TDG LLC.. And losing weight wasn't even on my list :-)

Ok, so enough about that, I want to know personally what have you done in your first 30 days? If you've set resolutions, have you worked toward chopping down your list? It's easy to make a bunch of unrealistic expectations for yourself when a new year comes in, BUT I challenge all of you to take a very realistic look at your New Years Goals and start to tackle them one at a time. We have certainly entered a year of change and we can not scream to the heaven's that change is necessary if we first do not start with ourselves. Remember, take the time to evaluate your first 30 and if you've not accomplished anything are your resolutions realistic ones? Here is the wake up call to get motivated and get moving..

Peace and Light


" You have to take risk. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Goals, New Opportunities, New Year...

Happy New Year All-

I truly hope that your New Year's was blessed and everything you expected it to be. I personally had one of the best times this year. Usually I am away (and I was) but I got back home just in time to spend the New Year with friends and family and it was well worth the trip back home! December had been a very busy month for me (personally and professionally) but well worth it- I was right where I wanted to be when the ball dropped...So, WOW family, what did you all do?

Ok, so you all know that I NEVER do New Year's Resolutions.. Pointless to me (speaking personally).. I just think that waiting until January 1 to set goal, standards, requirements and assess your year is crazy. Setting goals all year around is how you stay on target with your personally and professional obligations to yourself spiritually, personally and professionally. I challenge you to think about what/where your see yourself three months from now (March 4, 2010).. What personal and professional goals will you set for yourself, how will you go about achieving them? Who will you need to add to your personal/professional circle? Who will you need to delete? It's truly important and impactful to your future to continue to surround yourself with like minded individuals and make no apologies for riding yourself of individuals who do not add spiritual, professional and encouragement to your future. Remember, change is often difficult but ALWAYS necessary...

Peace and Light
Shaneiree L. Dames, MBA

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kwanzaa Wishes

Happy Kwanzaa-

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas filled with love, family and reflection- for me the week of Kwanzaa is always filled with reflection (and vacation :-).. I always love sharing the principles of Kwanzaa with the loved ones in my life- -especially the kiddies ..The opportunity to share those principles within our families, communities and organizations in which we are connected is truly important..

So, personally as I reflected on my family, career and love (yes love) life I realized just how blessed I am going into 2010 with a great vision of openness and new beginnings. My favorite Kwanzaa principle is Kuumba (Creativity), to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Every year, I always look forward to giving back to the community in which I reside as well as the community in which I was granted many opportunities. 2010 is no different and I look forward to The Dames Group LLC contribution to this.

Now, every year folks give "New Years Resolutions" of what they say they will and will not do for the year- I never follow this premise because the time for personal/ professional growth and reflection is year around! This year I've let a lot of personal relationships go as it was necessary for my professional growth. I've also been given the opportunity to do what I love. When God closes one door, he always opens another. I have not one regret from 2009 and embrace 2010 with great vision. Even with my personal life.. A few submissions ago I wrote about one's "Personal Statement".. Have any of you given that any thought?? Ummm, I wonder.. ;-).. But seriously, I urge you all to think about the seven principles of Kwanzaa throughout the year marry those principles with your businesses, personal lives and family. Remember make sure you dance to your hearts music in 2010, if you've grown as a business professional; reach your hand back and bring along another business with you and most importantly live, love, life...

Peace and Light

Shaneiree L. Dames

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Love's orchestra conducts a melody that relays throughout our existence; listening to love's orchestra requires instruments of integrity stringing your heart as if it knows your beat uniquely producing your love's orchestra, a melody from experiences relished instruments sounding alluring music!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Season to Love...

Season's Greetings!

How is everyone's holiday shopping going? I hope that I am on each and every one of your list- hey I'm easy...I love candles..LOL... Ok, so WOW's will be trying something new in the upcoming year so stay tuned and please feel free to comment.

So, most of you know my very favorite movie is Love Jones.. I can probably watch a marathon of that love story. Yesterday I watched it (yet again) and it seems like every time I take a look at it my heart always opens to the idea of being loved the way Darius and Nina loved one another- plus poetry is my second love :-).. More recently and personally I have taken a self inventory of my heart.. Whew, sometimes we THINK that we are so in love but never stop to think about the time it takes to develop that relationship. How many times have you loved YOU this year? How possible is it to give someone else a significant part of your heart when you've not given it to yourself first? Impossible. So, during this holiday season I hope each of you enter into 2010 with love, peace and spiritual completeness. Remember that your heart should first be hidden in Christ, that your partner should have to seek Him first to find you~~~~

Live, Love, Life

365 Days of Mr. LaShun Walloe

Love shall complete the soul whom awaits the boldness of actions to permeate through boundaries of ills by humble entities that portray a relentless pursuit to complete love. A love that's complete shall encompass your life completing the foundation of a soul, once yearned and ached for the completion of love, growing in love completes your life!