Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Goals, New Opportunities, New Year...

Happy New Year All-

I truly hope that your New Year's was blessed and everything you expected it to be. I personally had one of the best times this year. Usually I am away (and I was) but I got back home just in time to spend the New Year with friends and family and it was well worth the trip back home! December had been a very busy month for me (personally and professionally) but well worth it- I was right where I wanted to be when the ball dropped...So, WOW family, what did you all do?

Ok, so you all know that I NEVER do New Year's Resolutions.. Pointless to me (speaking personally).. I just think that waiting until January 1 to set goal, standards, requirements and assess your year is crazy. Setting goals all year around is how you stay on target with your personally and professional obligations to yourself spiritually, personally and professionally. I challenge you to think about what/where your see yourself three months from now (March 4, 2010).. What personal and professional goals will you set for yourself, how will you go about achieving them? Who will you need to add to your personal/professional circle? Who will you need to delete? It's truly important and impactful to your future to continue to surround yourself with like minded individuals and make no apologies for riding yourself of individuals who do not add spiritual, professional and encouragement to your future. Remember, change is often difficult but ALWAYS necessary...

Peace and Light
Shaneiree L. Dames, MBA

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