Monday, December 28, 2009

Kwanzaa Wishes

Happy Kwanzaa-

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas filled with love, family and reflection- for me the week of Kwanzaa is always filled with reflection (and vacation :-).. I always love sharing the principles of Kwanzaa with the loved ones in my life- -especially the kiddies ..The opportunity to share those principles within our families, communities and organizations in which we are connected is truly important..

So, personally as I reflected on my family, career and love (yes love) life I realized just how blessed I am going into 2010 with a great vision of openness and new beginnings. My favorite Kwanzaa principle is Kuumba (Creativity), to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Every year, I always look forward to giving back to the community in which I reside as well as the community in which I was granted many opportunities. 2010 is no different and I look forward to The Dames Group LLC contribution to this.

Now, every year folks give "New Years Resolutions" of what they say they will and will not do for the year- I never follow this premise because the time for personal/ professional growth and reflection is year around! This year I've let a lot of personal relationships go as it was necessary for my professional growth. I've also been given the opportunity to do what I love. When God closes one door, he always opens another. I have not one regret from 2009 and embrace 2010 with great vision. Even with my personal life.. A few submissions ago I wrote about one's "Personal Statement".. Have any of you given that any thought?? Ummm, I wonder.. ;-).. But seriously, I urge you all to think about the seven principles of Kwanzaa throughout the year marry those principles with your businesses, personal lives and family. Remember make sure you dance to your hearts music in 2010, if you've grown as a business professional; reach your hand back and bring along another business with you and most importantly live, love, life...

Peace and Light

Shaneiree L. Dames

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