Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Season to Love...

Season's Greetings!

How is everyone's holiday shopping going? I hope that I am on each and every one of your list- hey I'm easy...I love candles..LOL... Ok, so WOW's will be trying something new in the upcoming year so stay tuned and please feel free to comment.

So, most of you know my very favorite movie is Love Jones.. I can probably watch a marathon of that love story. Yesterday I watched it (yet again) and it seems like every time I take a look at it my heart always opens to the idea of being loved the way Darius and Nina loved one another- plus poetry is my second love :-).. More recently and personally I have taken a self inventory of my heart.. Whew, sometimes we THINK that we are so in love but never stop to think about the time it takes to develop that relationship. How many times have you loved YOU this year? How possible is it to give someone else a significant part of your heart when you've not given it to yourself first? Impossible. So, during this holiday season I hope each of you enter into 2010 with love, peace and spiritual completeness. Remember that your heart should first be hidden in Christ, that your partner should have to seek Him first to find you~~~~

Live, Love, Life

365 Days of Mr. LaShun Walloe

Love shall complete the soul whom awaits the boldness of actions to permeate through boundaries of ills by humble entities that portray a relentless pursuit to complete love. A love that's complete shall encompass your life completing the foundation of a soul, once yearned and ached for the completion of love, growing in love completes your life!

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