Thursday, January 28, 2010

The First 30..

Well Hello Hello Hello WOW Family!

How is everyone doing? I know I know it seems like a long while BUT trust me it has been with good reason and now I can get back on track with getting my WOW's to you all..

So, remember I never make New Year's Resolutions because often time they seem to be those things we never accomplish -so I make personal goals and tackle attaining them. Well, in the first 28 days of the year I have accomplished a great deal of my goals list. The Dames Group LLC logo has been created and my momentum has certainly not stopped with my personal and professional goals. I am at a point in my life personally and professionally where I can say I am truly truly happy- Oh yeah, and I lost 14 pounds from all the running that I've been doing for TDG LLC.. And losing weight wasn't even on my list :-)

Ok, so enough about that, I want to know personally what have you done in your first 30 days? If you've set resolutions, have you worked toward chopping down your list? It's easy to make a bunch of unrealistic expectations for yourself when a new year comes in, BUT I challenge all of you to take a very realistic look at your New Years Goals and start to tackle them one at a time. We have certainly entered a year of change and we can not scream to the heaven's that change is necessary if we first do not start with ourselves. Remember, take the time to evaluate your first 30 and if you've not accomplished anything are your resolutions realistic ones? Here is the wake up call to get motivated and get moving..

Peace and Light


" You have to take risk. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen"


  1. my goals are things that are all professional and personal goals like

    - Get into the career that I love (Teaching, Dance, Teaching Dance, Human Resources, music)
    - Be financially set by my birthday in April
    - Be generally healthier in terms of eating better and everything else.