Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life's Biggest Challenges

Happy Friday! Hopefully at this weeks end you will have the time to just “chillax”. Me I have a few things planned- seeing my Godchildren is one of them. I plan to take it easy but have fun in the process. Doing some reading, homework and relaxing. (JC no dunking ok J ) .. Ok, so I have been reading my Meyers Briggs (INFJ) over and over and realizing more and more that I just do SOOOO dang much- but most of you know that right J . The challenge I face is that I want to do it all. I want to meet mew people, I want to work in a few different things, read everything you know how my Piscean personality is - until I realized my niche, my passion, my love.. And I think I found it.. So I want to talk about life’s challenges…

Ok, so you have these many talents, these many experiences and these things you WANT to do! So what do you do? I have been asking myself this question forever. You want to do it ALL but obviously your body will not allow this so you stay complacent in what you are doing, complaining about what you WANT to do- Yeah you know that makes sense J .. One of the biggest challenges we face is fear of committing to our dreams. Some may say it’s not smart because you need to keep your “good” job, your “safe” position and of course your benefits- In other words, maintain your misery (it’s not always misery). I guess in my heart of hearts I do it all because I feel like if the opportunity presents itself for me to “step out on faith”- I’m stepping! Now folks, of course I am NOT telling you to leave your jobs and security. Most of you have families for goodness sake J .. But what I am saying is to never be afraid of challenging yourself and your passion. After all, it is YOU that holds the key to your own joy! So any complaining you do (even me) can be changed by YOU..

Love Ya Shay

From DA “Life's biggest challenge is deciding what's important - then disregarding the rest.” --UNKNOWN

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