Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Success Principles

So many times we sit back and look at someone else and say “man he/she is really successful”. What you must ask yourself, and actually challenge yourself to do is be driven to make the best out of the opportunities in front of YOU. One of the panels yesterday made a statement that he simply just “woke up” everyday and as he shaved told himself that he was going to make it, he was successful and he was going to be successful today”. To note his credentials he’s a JD, CPA and has and MBA in Risk Management! Now those are some heavy credentials but at the end of the day those are HIS principles of success. I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with like minded people and letting go folks who are not on the same mission as you. I challenge all of you to think about what you consider “being successful” and then look at your life and the people in it and ask yourself- will they help me reach your full potential? At the end of the day your success principles are just that YOURS!

Happy Successful Day

Love Ya Shay

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