Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Living vs. Being Lived

Man ole man, I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather. Though it wasn't as sunny as I would have liked it to be, it sure wasn't cold! LOL.. How did you all spend the weekend? Anything exciting going on? You guys know how much I love updates.. Before it slips my mind I want to give a Happy Birthday shout out to AO, an old friend who I've recently come back in contact with. Celebrate well Hun.....So this weekend was full of great things for me. One of the things I needed was a great energy hugging me this weekend and I received that so Thanks Hunny for always always bringing the best and silly out of me.. Now, during one of my dinners out I had a conversation about life and if one's living life or if life is just being lived... Ummm interesting notion... How often are you going through the motions of your day without any awareness of all of the blessing surrounding us? The flowers, the rain, the beautiful people in out lives etc... Now I mentioned a DAY, do you know how many people walk through life this way... Often times we reach a breaking point in our lives where we get tired of "going through the motions".. I always tell people to live in the moment- even if just for a little while.. It's important to step outside of your comfort zone and see what interesting things could happen if you place yourself in a position of letting them happen. You'd be surprised at yourself. Now, I make a lot of challenges of you all but I want everyone to LIVE this weekend. Do not worry about what you think you SHOULD be doing, just let your hair down (fellas get a hair cut) and do something you may not normally do. I want a report next Monday.. LOL.. Stop being lived and learn that living is the icing on top of your life's cake...

Live Life, Laugh Hard, Love Harder


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