Saturday, December 5, 2009

What's In Your Personal Statement?

Well, HELLO All.. I hope that we all had a great holiday and are all gearing up for Christmas (or Kwanzaa, the holiday I celebrate!).. I reconnected with family members and friends and shared tons of laughs this holiday season- I wish the same for all of you..

So, I am sitting here going through the documentation you are required to fill out when starting a new job ( or seeking one) and I came across an Employee Preference sheet. It's basically a few questions asking what your goals are for the position, where do you see yourself..blah blah blah.. But what was interesting was I started to really give thought to my personal statement and if/how I would fit into a company that didn't align with my personal statement.. Hummm, how many times have we all done that? Taken realtionships, jobs and careers that have us settling, unhappy and unproductive at work or in that relationship. Well, in thinking about my personal statement I wanted to pose the question to my peers- what is your personal statement? Live fulfillingly? Work less? Laugh more? Financial security?..or have you thought about it at all? Take a moment to write your personal statement before the New Year, not a resolution but a statement of YOU.. And think about that statement when placed in situations of compromise.. At some point we all settle with our jobs and even in our personal relationships BUT if you are settling more than you are growing towards your personally then maybe sitting down and rethinking your personal mission is important..

Shaneiree L. Dames' Personal Statement:

Live Fulfillingly with my career and relationships (friendships included), Forgive Fast as this is important for my personal growth, Love Passionately when in love, Be concerned but not consumed with the issues of other people, If I consciously settle, I consciously place myself in an unhappy situation and, my heart will be so hidden in Christ that my husband will have to seek Him first to find me...

Live, Live, Love

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