Friday, November 20, 2009

Is Your Networking adding to your Networth?

Hello All!

How are we all? What's new? Well, after traveling to a leadership conference and coming back ready to add value to my chapter, getting sick, starting class, working with a client for an upcoming event- did I mention getting sick..LOL.. It's been an eventful week. Being sick was the challenge but the content of the week was great. Got me to thinking about how my networking is working for me and IF at all it's working for me..

So, I've had a few conversations with folks this week about networking and the importance of not only networking but turning those relationships into ones that add value to your bank account. So, many of my friends know me as a person who knows a lot of people. And yes, I am not afraid to say that actually is the truth. With many of my friends I typically know someone who can add some sort of value to someone else. But let's think about that for a moment. Would you personally put your name and reputation out for just anyone? Umm, I wouldn't- and I don't. Now, that may seem a little shallow and maybe even a little selfish to read but let's think about it this way. Suppose you place your name out for someone and that person doesn't deliver now not only have you potentially lost a relationship you've worked hard to establish BUT you also stand to tarnish your name.. So, again I ask "would you personally put your name and reputation out for just anyone?" .. The time we spend networking and building relationships with individuals should be to build our networth and if we are not doing that are we networking properly? If you are attending networking events and not placing yourself in front of potential clients then why attend the events? Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with going out to have a great time but we call that "hanging out"..LOL..Remember that your Network Should Determine Your NetWorth..

Peace and Light

BTW- If you are in the ATL area June 10-12 join me at the Power Networking Conference- YES there is a conference that teaches the importance of networking AND proper networking techniques! See ya there!

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