Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Building your Strengths vs. Your Skills

Any good news on your plates, anything new to report.. Ok, so as you know Friday is my 30th Birthday (yes 30, and I am embracing it) and my party will be in New York next weekend so RSVP ASAP...Ok, so last night I had a LONG conversations with a great friend of mine- we haven't spoken in a while and it was great playing catch-up with him (missed you B.C). It's one of those friendships that even when you don't speak for a while it's like time never stopped and we end where we left off at our last conversation so that's always cool.. BUT we were talking about jobs vs. careers and taking a job for the love of it or for the financial gain. Ironically enough I was having this very same conversation with L.C. I was also talking to another friend the other day who at the age of 45 is deciding to go to nursing school and he's only doing it for the money/ security.. What I learned is that often time we take these jobs that are considered "good jobs" for security but end up being miserable. Now to each is own with that but it's interesting that in the span of two days I've had this conversation with my peers. While in Orlando I won a Career Counseling session with Sage Consulting Inc (based in New York Andrea was great) and I expressed this very same crossroad as it is where I am in my professional life. We had a conference discussing the difference between skills and strengths and to make a long session short the bottom line is the skills are things you learn- maybe attend school to obtain and your strengths are those fundamental things you are GREAT at doing but are scared to do because you are "safe" within your skill-set job- if that makes any sense.. LOL.. Now I have said all of that to say, often time we neglect (me included) our strengths and hate getting up in the morning to produce our skills. I say, take time to develop your strengths and those will be the skills you need to build your successful career path.

Live Life, Love Hard, Laugh Harder

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