Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who Is Your CEO?

It has turned out to be a beautiful day- if you have not gone out for a bit of fresh air I strongly recommend it! This week has been a little chilly and there were even snow flurries yesterday but today is a new day- hopefully the official start of Spring! Soo, what's new? I know it has been a little while- Shay's been dealing with this, dealing with that doing this and doing that so it gets kind of hectic but I have not stopped writing my words, it just may take me a little while to post them.. LOL.. Two thing: A Very Happy Happy 30th to SM, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow... And a huge huge huge Congrats to my new friend RG on the completion of her journey to DST... Go Girls!

Ok, so I may have shared with you all (via phone or e-mail) my new business venture " The Dames Group LLC" .. bottom line and long story short it's a venture of doing something I love.. when you do something you love you often time never mind long hours and difficult patches right? So I say tap into what you love.. Now this is not my first business- I've had Basket's Your Way (first business in Undergrad) and Nu Fire Solutions (my first partnership) and now The Dames Group... The start of these businesses and the discussions with some of you about new business ventures got me to thinking about the chain of command.. you know CEO's, CFO's, VP's etc... So I want to ask each of you- Who is your CEO? Ok, I'm certainly not meaning the CEO of the company you work for I am referring to the CEO of YOUR company.. You know.. ( Your Name Here) Incorporated..... Yeah.. So I'm the CEO of Shaneiree Incorporated. I am the one responsible for the upkeep of my company, the marketing of my business and the financial gains/losses.. So I ask you, is the CEO of your company YOU and how well do you take care of that company? We watch the news and we see all of these businesses falling, failing, merging and bankrupting - we certainly can't let that happen to our own personal businesses.. I say take an inventory of what you need to operate your business correctly (what do you need to add/minus from your life to build a better you), employ a positive circle of folks to build with you (Rid yourself of negative unfulfilling energy and this can be the demise of a business), understand that your corporate handbook will always make changes (God is always testing us, heed his lessons and trust him)- even if you do not want it to and last but certainly not least do not let someone take your seat as the CEO of the business (never let someone or something change the business of working on yourself)...

Live, Love, Life

"We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You." - Fast Company

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