Monday, October 26, 2009

The Importance of Encouragement..

Ok, so this morning after I talked to my Hunny Bunny (Hey DG) this morning- playing a much needed game of catch up I started to look through some pictures from my college days (a friend asked me if I had a picture he desperately wants to see..LOL) I came across some photos from friends of mine back in my BSC days and one in particular read “ Shaneiree, I’m glad our friendship grew over the years, you are the most encouraging person I know- Thanks, Stay Blessed”.. Now this was from someone I met in freshmen year (we are still cool) and she and I had grown to a better friendship by our senior year in college. She e-mailed me recently and thanked me, when I asked for what she said for not judging her and always encouraging her. Now folks, I’ve graduated from undergrad in 2002! I was flattered but my point is this.. For me, it’s just me being, I have always treated people with the same type of respect, honestly and encouragement but what type of friend are you to your peers? What legacy do you think you will leave to the lives you’ve touched? Are you one that preaches and judges or are you self-centered? Remember we often time attract people that are closely related to our personalities so it’s important to make sure your character is in check when interacting with people. Not everyone needs to be preached to, judged or frowned upon. Just as you need encouragement, someone in your circle may need it today as well..- Be encouraged all!

Love Ya

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