Monday, October 26, 2009

Purpose and Focus....

How is everyone? What’s new? What’s old? What’s going on? LOL.. Now, yesterday I was extremely touched by an e-mail from an old friend (from elementary regarding my words and my personal words to her. I explained to her and now to all of you that my words are hopefully to inspire you but to let you guys know that THIS IS ME.. If you’ve ever truly had a conversation with me, called me for advice or just needed someone to listen to you, this would be the Shay on the other line so I am more than Thankful that someone appreciates just ME (Thanks JF). So today I want to talk about purpose and focus..

Now I know I’ve written a word on “maintaining focus (6/3/08)” and “life’s purpose (6/26/08)” but this is a little different then the two of those WOW’s. How often do you wake up with a purpose? I mean other than, get the kids ready for school, get to work on time, go to class or the tons of things you do in a day. (Like me..LOL).. I mean what is your motivation to do these things? Are you headed someplace every day or are you going through the motions of what you THINK life should be for you? I had a friend tell me she woke up with a different outlook on life and that all she needed to do was find her life’s purpose. I LOVE hearing that! At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with setting your focus on something but at the end of that what is the purpose? I can only wish all of us will wake up and realize our purpose, I will be the first to tell you it’s like looking at everything with a NEW set of eyes. I’ve realized that unless you have a purpose the focus and drive you have mean nothing in the long run. At the MBA conference I had lunch with Dr. Robin Smith (a motivational speaker featured on the Oprah show) and she asked “ How many times have you gotten from point A to point B and not remembered your journey?”- she notes that putting your body in auto pilot is a surefire way to loose self awareness and stretch out unproductive hours, days and years of your life! So to all of you I say take a moment to figure out your purpose- you will wake up amazed with your new lenses!

Love Ya

“ When death finds you, make sure it takes you alive”

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