Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sometimes we NEED a Reminder

Ok.. so for the past couple of weeks I have had TONS of things going on in my world, in my head and heart and certainly at work that have made me happy, sad and even upset BUT I do what I do best - always try to see the brighter picture.. Did I say that was always EASY to do, NO.. but it is often necessary to count your blessings in everything. I listened to Mike Walrond Jr ( The Senior pastor of my best friends church First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem NY) and he said " Your Circumstance isn't your Life".. Whoa! What a powerful statement right? How many times do we get down and out, bent out of shape, depressed and impatient from a "circumstance"? I KNOW I'm NOT the only one.. We've all heard that our circumstances make us stronger and they certainly do- IF you choose not to make them your LIFE.. This weekend I needed that reminder and received it from Reverend Mike and someone who I love, respect and admire for all that he is.. So thank you both.. I think Reverend Mike's message couldn't have come at a better time so I wanted to share it with you and say this.. Whatever that good, bad or indifferent circumstance you are at a crossroads with right now,, Do not let it swallow you alive and become your life.. Even if it's a good circumstance because then you'll get too comfortable and never want to strive beyond where you are.. Remember, sometimes we all need a little reminder that one set back makes great way for a big come back!

Live, Love, Life

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