Monday, November 2, 2009

Is Your Happiness Shared?

Good Day Folks-

Man, how was every one's weekend? Well, I laughed, cried (a-lot), loved, lost, screamed- GO YANKEES..(sorry Philly fans..LOL)...So, this weekend made me re-evaluate A-LOT of things.. It was a HARD one but one that I'll certainly grow from (even if i don't see it now..LOL).. In my solice I started to think about my own personal happiness and if I was doing myself an injustice by not totally sharing it with someone worthy of receiving it....hmmmmm...

How often do we do that? I mean raise your hands if you have ever had a guarded heart..LOL... (let's not all raise our hands at the same time..LOL)... We often time shield ourselves from having the faith to be happy- why? Your future happiness is not dictated by your past pains, issues or baggage. Have the strength to move forward thus having the strength to be happy. Share your happiness with worthy and quality individuals and make sure to leave your haters a smiley face..LOL Remember "happiness is only real when shared"CJM

Live, Love, Life

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